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UK Lottery Odds, jackpots and costs

UK Lottery Odds

UK Lotto oddsSystem:
6 balls 1-49

Highest Jackpot:

1 : 13.983.816

Costs per Line:

The UK Lottery Odds are something of a sore point here at how to win the lottery. UK Lotto, as we prefer to call it is an immensley popular draw with the folks in the British isles, with an estimated 70 percent of the UK playing the game. You would think it has either really good odds or amazing jackpots. Uk lottery odds are actually 1/13,983,816. Ok so that does not seem bad in comparison to say Powerball or MegaMillions, in truth you have roughly 10 times better chance to win, which is good right? Well then there is the issue of the jackpots, the starting jackpot is around £2.5 million but the average weekly is around £5 million. There is of course a rollover which used to be uncapped, hence the maximum win ever of £29,000,000.

These days though Camelot the organizers of the UK Lotto and sponsors of Euromillions (arguably a bit better) have started to cap the rollover to £20 million. It’s worth mentioning that these figures are GPB which is a pretty strong currency in comparison to Euro or Dollars, so depending on the current exchange rate this can make the lottery worthwhile of a top 10 entry. For example currently £20 million GPB is around $33 million, so its worth keeping an eye on that. Games are also twice weekly so it rolls over pretty quickly.

Buying UK Lottery Tickets Online:

Uk Lottery is a very easy to play online in fact all of our agents have tickets for this lotto. Bearing in mind the number of players you are competing against, number choosing is very important for this lotto. Read our guide on the home page for more information but this is not a good lotto to play your birthdays or special days or other low range numbers. To ensure that when you do get lucky you are not sharing the prize with a ton of other people you need to get creative with your numbers.  As far as a recommendation to play UK lotto, you need to be looking for a free line offer initially, we would recommend Lottoland currently as they have a great free line offer for this and four other lottos that is well worth checking out.

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UK Lottery Odds at a glance:

Ranking: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 6 1 : 13.983.816
2 5+1 1 :  2.330.636
3 5 1 : 55.492
4 4 1 : 1.033
5 3 1 : 57

Good Luck! Your team at ‘How to win the Lottery’

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