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SuperLottoPlus Odds

SuperLottoPlus Odds

SuperLottoPlus Lottery OddsSystem:
5 balls 1-47 + 1 ball 1-27

Highest Jackpot:

1 : 41.416.535

Costs per Line:

California’s SuperlottoPlus, again this is a very well known and popular lottery. Part of the USA State run lottery system, the SuperLottoPlus odds are pretty average as far as lotteries go with the top prize odds of 1/41,416,535, so what is the appeal here?  We can tell you its a couple of things, this long running lotto started back in 1984 as Super Lotto, its starting Jackpots of $7 Million and the fact that its played three times per week are the main reason for its popularity. This thrice weekly draw adds up to one thing.

Major excitement and High rollover jackpots, you will notice this is a recurring theme with all of the favorite lotto’d on our list. Highest ever Jackpot reached $193,000,000 in 2002. See our play recommendation below.

Buying SuperLottoPlus Tickets Online:

We always like our reader to realize the benefits of playing any lotto draw online. Always it shocks our team just how many players miss out on mega jackpots, available in worldwide lottos because they are tied to the hassle of buying a physical lotto ticket. And all for a low chance at a win, and whilst SuperLottoPlus odds may not seem that great. Look at the comparison to other lotto’s and you will see. When compared to others it deserves a place in our top ten.

Again be sure to check our tips on picking numbers as detailed on our front page. Don’t choose your Moms birthday unless you want to share the pot with a dozen others.

To buy a ticket for SuperLottoPlus our advice would be to recommend The Lotter, who at this time have a free line offer valid for this draw.

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SuperLottoPlus Odds at a glance:

Prize Ranking: Matching: Odds To Win:
1 5 + MB 1 : 41.416.535
2 5 1 : 1.592.937
3 4 + MB 1 : 197.221
4 4 1 : 7585
5 3 + MB 1 : 4810
6 3 1 : 185
7 2 + MB 1 : 361
8 2 1 : 74
9 0 + MB 1 : 49

Good Luck! Your team at ‘How to win the Lottery’

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