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Powerball Odds, jackpots and costs

Powerball Odds

Powerball Lottery OddsSystem:
5 out of 56 + PB

Highest Jackpot:



1 : 175.223.510

Costs per Line:


USA’s number 2 state lotto, Powerball odds are also not the greatest if your looking for an easy win. Again like its brother MegaMillions, Powerball is popular for a very good reason, well actually 519 Million very good reasons. As $519,000,000 is the highest payout ever for this lotto draw.  So it’s another half billion dollar lotto, this time organized by the multi state lottery association. With 32 states all competing for a winner and Powerball odds to win at  1/175.223.510, just marginally better than MegaMillions.

So why do we feature Powerball in our Top10? It’s all about the Jackpots! For our team if its a choice of a few dollars for a chance of half a billion or for example compare the UK Lotto at 2 pounds to enter and a 1/13.983.816 chance to win a £2.5 million average jackpot. Our money is on Powerball every time.

Buying Powerball Tickets Online:

Powerball odds being what they are, we remind you players it’s all about risk versus reward. When you look at those odds and divide it by the dollar average payout its still a good deal. So what advice can we give to up your chance to win? Firstly with all of these lotto’s you have a better chance when playing online. Secondly be sure to read the tips on choosing your numbers, no birthdays or patterns. Both this lotto and MegaMillions are great reasons to play online.

As for where to purchase your ticket. All of our online agents offer tickets for this lotto. However we would recommend Lottoland currently for playing Powerball as they have a free line entry for this lotto amongst others.

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Powerball Odds at a glance:

Class: Matching Numbers: Winning Odds:
1 5 + PB 1 : 175.223.510
2 5 1 : 5.153.633
3 4 + PB 1 : 648.976
4 4 1 : 19.088
5 3 + PB 1 : 12.245
6 3 1 : 361
7 2 + PB 1 : 707
8 1 + PB 1 : 111
9 0 + PB 1 : 56

Good Luck! Your team at ‘How to win the Lottery’

Lottoland 6 for 3

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