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Oz Lotto Odds, jackpots and costs

OZ Lotto Odds

Oz Lottery OddsSystem:
7 balls 1-45

Highest Jackpot:

1 : 45.379.620

Costs per Line:

Australia’s Tuesday night Lotto. Or Oz lotto odds to win top prizes in this the finest and most popular of all the Australian lottery draws are 1/45,379,620, not bad? which puts it about middle of the top ten rankings based purely on odds. This legendary lotto first introduced in February 1994 by Tattersalls and LotteryWest, as part of a series of national lotto draws. What sets Oz Lotto apart from the crowd are the nice jackpot wins. It’s original Australia payout record of AU$106,000,000 which had stood undefeated for many months since June 2009, was finally bested in November of 2012 to a new record AU$112,000,000, which is the current record for an Australian lottery. The Starting average being around $30,000,000 is not too shabby for any of the lottos on our draw putting it into our top three lotteries worldwide.

Buying OZ Lotto Tickets Online:

Now that we have discussed the Oz Lotto odds and jackpots, it should be easy to see why this lotto makes the Top 3. As we like to say at ‘How to win the Lottery‘, its always about risk versus return and this is a nice example of a good return for your risk. Again we know you readers maybe aware of this but this is another lotto that you would not be able to play outside of Australia without the aid of a good agent.

As always choose you numbers with care to maximize your jackpot should your luck come in. See our home page for more tips.

Luckily we have your back again, we have three agents all equipped to take a booking from you for this lottery, but if we where to recommend an offer it would go to TheLotter as they have a free line offer which is valid for this lotto draw.

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OZ Lotto Odds at a glance:

Ranking: Match: Odds to Win:
1 7 1 : 45.379.620
2 6 + 1 1 : 3.241.401
3 6 1 : 180.078
4 5 + 1 1 : 2.902
5 5 1 : 3.430
6 4 1 : 154
7 3 + 1 1 : 87

Good Luck! Your team at ‘How to win the Lottery’

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