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Irish Lottery Odds, jackpots and costs

Irish Lottery Odds

Ireland Lotto OddsSystem:
6 balls 1-45

Highest Jackpot:

1 : 8.145.000

Costs per Line:

Lets just start with this. Irish Lottery odds are probably the best of any lottery out there. With odds to win the jackpot prize of 1/8,145,000, it is easy to see why the Irish Lotto is in the top 10. The Irish lotto started in 1988 by the Irish government, as a means to make monies for healthcare, schooling and the local Irish community. Its first ever draw suceeded in raising €3.6 billion for the people of Ireland. From this time it has been a fixture in the local entertainment industry and gained some fame worldwide from those in the know. The reason for its great odds, is the play style with 6 balls with a range of 1-45. Ask any gambler and he will tell you, lower number ranges lead to better odds. Starting jackpots is a fair €2 million and can reach €18,963,441 which is the record from 2009. You are 42 percent more likely to win the Irish lotto than any other lotto in the world.

Buying Irish Lottery Tickets Online:

Ok so we have talked about Irish lottery odds. And there its number 1 on the list Again the second consideration the Jackpot. At an average €2 million its not bad we have a lot better we have a lot worse, again if you are a UK Lotto player how does this compare? Well it’s roughly a four times greater chance to win a slightly smaller jackpot. Also bearing in mind there is no rollover limit on the Irish lotto and you are on to a pretty good thing.

Again please choose your numbers with care. See our guide on the home page for more information. Don’t lower your jackpot by choosing common numbers.

All that remains is to select an agent for your tickets. Now three of our online agents support ticket for the Irish Lotto. All of them very secure. Nut for this lotto we would recommend Conga Lotto for a line on the Irish lotto with its 100 percent refund on a first time draw, applicable to this lotto.

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Irish Lottery Odds at a glance:

Class: Matching Numbers: Winning Odds:
1st Prize 6 1 : 8.145.000
2nd Prize 5+1 1 : 357.510
3rd Prize 5 1 : 34.808
4th Prize 4+1 1 : 28.579
5th Prize 4 1 : 753
6th Prize 3+1 1 : 1.755
7th Prize 3 1 : 45

Good Luck! Your team at ‘How to win the Lottery’

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