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Get a free line EuroMillions

Free Line EuroMillionsEuroMillions is a multi national lottery, from the same sponsors as the UK Lotto (Camelot) as well as the Italian sponsors for LaPrimitiva, BonoLoto etc. It is possibly the strongest paying of the Euro lottery draws and for this reason its an excellent choice to buy a ticket through an online agent. At 1/116,531,800 , even with a free line EuroMillions has some pretty tough odds, its not the worst odds of our top 10 but its not the best either. Two things make up for this fact however, firstly it has a very decent starting jackpot averaging €20 million euros , there is a rollover system in place with no limit. The highest jackpot for EuroMillions is a huge €183 Million. Making it the top paying European weekly lottery. A classic 1-50 range game with draws taking place Tuesday and Friday and costing €2.50 per line to play.

Where to get a free line EuroMillions

In our lottery free line guide we go into detail about offers and deals about EuroMillions. Before you head there though please read the strategies on our opening page that cover basic and advanced strategies needed to swing the odds a little more in your favor. This is good advice for EuroMillions and any other lotto. It goes without saying number choice is very important so you need to avoid playing those favorite numbers and patterns etc, so you need to get out of your comfort zone. Lastly if you feel we have left out any piece of information or have any suggestions for us to improve the website, then by all means get in touch with us and we can endeavor to include these ideas in a future site article or update.

From our team at – how to win the lottery – good luck in your next draw.

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