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Lottery Odds

USA's number 2 state lotto, Powerball odds are also not the greatest if your looking for an easy win. Again like its brother MegaMillions, Powerball is popular for a very good reason, well actually 519 Million very good reasons. As $519,000,000 is the highest payout ever for this lotto draw.  So it's another half billion… Read More

You can't talk lotto's with talking MegaMillions. Whilst MegaMillions odds have never been the best. MegaMillions more than makes up for this fact with it's amazing jackpots. The USA's number one lottery and the highest paying lottery in the world, with a record winning payout of $648,000,000 Million US dollars. Even the starting jackpot is pretty… Read More

California's SuperlottoPlus, again this is a very well known and popular lottery. Part of the USA State run lottery system, the SuperLottoPlus odds are pretty average as far as lotteries go with the top prize odds of 1/41,416,535, so what is the appeal here?  We can tell you its a couple of things, this long… Read More

EuroMillions began as Euro lottery in 1994, later becoming EuroMillions. It's a very popular lottery with a multi national player base. Brought to you by Camelot the sponsors of the UK lotto as well as the sponsors of Spain's LaPrimitiva. There are a few very good reasons to play EuroMillions odds for a jackpot are… Read More

Australia's Tuesday night Lotto. Or Oz lotto odds to win top prizes in this the finest and most popular of all the Australian lottery draws are 1/45,379,620, not bad? which puts it about middle of the top ten rankings based purely on odds. This legendary lotto first introduced in February 1994 by Tattersalls and LotteryWest… Read More

Eurojackpot without a doubt Europe's favorite and most famous of the Euro lottery draws. With players from eight countries competing its a true multi national affair. EuroJackpot odds are 1/59,323,280 which is pretty average for our top ten lottos slightly less than SuperLottoPlus and Oz Lotto, but with a prize draw fund at a minimum of… Read More

Lets just start with this. Irish Lottery odds are probably the best of any lottery out there. With odds to win the jackpot prize of 1/8,145,000, it is easy to see why the Irish Lotto is in the top 10. The Irish lotto started in 1988 by the Irish government, as a means to make… Read More

BonoLoto began on December 5, 1990 it is another of Spain's most famous lotteries next to LaPrimitiva who is organized by the same company. BonoLoto odds are a favorable 1/13,983,816 which puts it level pegging with the UK Lottery. The Jackpots start at €400,000 euros, and in the tradition of the Euro lotto's, when the prize money is… Read More

The UK Lottery Odds are something of a sore point here at how to win the lottery. UK Lotto, as we prefer to call it is an immensley popular draw with the folks in the British isles, with an estimated 70 percent of the UK playing the game. You would think it has either really… Read More

Thunderball is a UK Lotto draw based on the USA's Powerball lotto model. Thunderball odds though are considerably better than its USA counterpart at 1/8,060,598. Thunderball lotto's first time draw took place on 12th June 1999. Winning jackpots are fixed cash prizes of £250,000 to £500,000 tax free. So it's quite a lot lower than say the USA lotto's… Read More