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BonoLoto Odds, jackpots and costs

BonoLoto Odds

BonoLoto Lottery OddsSystem:
6 balls 1-49

Highest Jackpot:

1 : 13.983.816

Costs per Line:

BonoLoto began on December 5, 1990 it is another of Spain’s most famous lotteries next to LaPrimitiva who is organized by the same company. BonoLoto odds are a favorable 1/13,983,816 which puts it level pegging with the UK Lottery. The Jackpots start at €400,000 euros, and in the tradition of the Euro lotto’s, when the prize money is unclaimed it rolls over to the next time. Maximum payout historically was €33,000,000. So it beats out the UK lotto now that that lotto has a rollover prize limit. These facts put BonoLoto firmly in our Top10 lotto draws. With games taking place four times a week this the rollover goes very quickly and the prize rockets up, which again explains the fanatical following this lotto is famous for. At one time people used to travel to Spain to play BonoLoto and LaPrimitiva on their holidays. Now you can save your money on the air plane ticket. No more holiday hassle and buy yourself a winning ticket online today. You can take that trip to the beach when you have won.

Buying BonoLoto Tickets Online:

BonoLoto odds being pretty good, it comes as a bit of a shock that its not the easiest lottery to find tickets for online. Two of our agents however support this lotto and offer of course the convenience security and safety of an online purchase. I would heartily recommend you look at our tips and playing strategies on the home page as they where developed through analysis of 6/49 lottos like this one. Use this information when choosing your numbers and your odds should improve.

Our recommendation for BonoLoto would be the excellent The Lotter who have a free offer for your first line and offer a great convenient way to regularly take part in this lotto.

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BonoLoto Odds at a glance:

Right numbers: Winning class: Odds:
6 1 1 : 13.983.816
5 + 1 2 1 : 2.330.636
5 3 1 : 54.201
4 4 1 : 1.032
3 5 1 : 57

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